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How to delegate a New Admin/Authorized Representative (with screenshots).

To change the Authorized Representative we would need two things:

  1. Contact helpdesk to request a New Auth Rep Delegation Form. A signing officer at the organization needs to delegate a new Authorized Representative by printing and filling out the New Auth Rep Delegation from.
  2. The new delegate will receive instruction to complete their own identity vetting by following the instructions below.

Start at the DSM Registration Page and follow the instructions below:

Adding a New Admin to a Registered Domain Screenshots

Click on “Register a New Domain.”

Then on “Select to Continue

Then complete the fields of each step as follows:

  1. Please enter your organization’s domain (everything after the @sign).
  2. Then create and enter a unique username.
  3. Then create and enter a unique password, re-enter.

Click “Submit.”

Then click on “Register/Update” under step 5 which is the Individual Identity affidavit

You will only need to complete the individual affidavit.  Once complete, click on “Save and Continue.”

Click on “Printer Friendly.”  3 pages total will print.  We only need the Individual Affidavit you just completed.

Please sign the affidavit in the presence of a notary and upload the submission back to us.

Let us know if you have any questions about the process.