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I tried resetting my DSM mailbox and I am not getting a recovery link.

If you need to reset your password you can select the “forgot my password link” on the DSM Login page.

If you choose to reset your DSM mailbox password, your recovery link will be sent to the work email associated with the user. Please refresh your work email and check your bulk/spam mail if you do not see the recovery link within a few minutes.  Your recovery link will only be valid for one hour.

If you do not see the link you may want to check your internet connection.

The work email set up by the DSM Administrator might have a typo in the profile.  Your Administrator can check the profile.  The administrator also has the ability to reset your password from the Admin Portal.

Your system firewall may be set to block the recovery link.  Your firewall needs to allow emails from:  donotreply@account.hidn.net.

Password Reset Steps:

Click on “Forgot Your Password

Enter the full Direct email address (DSM address)

Enter the CAPTCHA correctly

Click “Submit

Go to Business email and look for Recovery Email.

Enter the CAPTCHA phrase

Create a new password

Click on eye icon to view password

Renter new password

May use any special character eg. ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

Click on “Continue

Notification that password was successfully changed

May reset to previously used password