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Sending to a non-Direct address.

If you are trying to send to someone who does not have a Direct address then you will receive a bounce back notification that asks you to confirm and send a secure message.  See the bounce back notification below:

Outgoing Message Not Delivered!
You have recently attempted to send a message over the Direct Mail network
to a recipient that does not have a secure, NwHIN Direct account that we
can locate. Message details:

Message dated: Jan 01, 2022
Sender: bob@org.directak.net
Recipients: bob@gmail.com 
Subject: Testing


    * Do nothing. The message will not be delivered.
The email message will be removed from the system and unavailable for
delivery if you take no action within the next 15 days.

    * If you trust the Recipient, send the message via the Out-of-Network
Secure Email Service.
We will send your message to a temporary secure webmail account setup for
the Recipient. The Recipient will receive an email notice that includes a
link to this webmail account and a one-time password.

_ALERT:_ the trust management features provided by your Direct Mail service
and NwHIN are not available with the Out-of-Network Secure Email
Service–you should only send messages that may contain Protected Health
Information to Recipients that you trust will meet the requirements of
HIPAA, other relevant regulations and your own policies.

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