How to register for healtheConnect DSM.

The person registering should be able to manage this account on behalf of the organization.  Click here to see the role of an Authorized Representative.  Registration is primarily self-guided meaning you will answer questions as you go along filling out 3 short forms. You can click on the question mark icons if you need more detail.  Once you have finished filling out the forms then you will then be directed to print two affidavit pages that are ready to sign in front of a notary. Submit that back to us using the “Upload Completed Affidavits” button on the registration page and your account is usually processed within 48 hours. Once your Direct Account has been activated you will receive a notification with detailed instructions about how to manage and use your account.

If you would like to register for an Alaska direct secure messaging account, you can go to the Alaska HIE website located at

Next, click on “Direct Secure Messaging”.

You will be directed to the healtheConnect DSM Page. Click on “Register Now.” and follow the online instructions.

Click here to go to the healtheConnect DSM Page .

Click here for a registration video walk through. 

Click here  for the registration guide


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