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Sync to your favorite device or app

Are you used to using another webmail client like Outlook gmail or Thunderbird, etc? 

Sync your Direct account with the webmail client that feels most comfortable to you.  

Send Securely to Anyone

Send secure messages to any valid email address.  


Connect to the DirectTrust Accredited Network–hundreds of thousands of verified Direct Addresses with tens of millions of Direct secure messages exchanged.

Notifications and Alerts

Send notifications to standard email addresses alerting you and your team members that Direct messages have been received.

Private Collaborations

Build collaborative teams of trusted participants that can share confidential or sensitive information.

Verified Digital Identity

The users of Direct addresses must have their identity verified and be authenticated when accessing the Direct network. DirectTrust provides a nationwide trust framework.

Certified and Accredited

Our Direct Secure Messaging is MU3 certified by the Dept. of Health and Human Services and accredited by EHNAC /DirectTrust.

Other Key Features

• HIPAA-compliant
• Direct messages can be securely delivered to recipients not on network
• Direct Directory
• Usage Reports

Advanced Webmail Client

Our web-based portal provides flexible folder access, a built-in CCDA/XDM viewer, any attachment file type and syncs to other devices (e.g. Outlook, Smartphone, iPad, etc.).

Built-in CCDA Viewer

Our advanced Direct webmail client includes a CCDA, XDM, XML viewer. Now you can see these documents in human-readable form.

Enterprise-level Available

For EHR systems, HIEs or other systems requiring XDR or alternative high volume integrated interfaces, call 1-866-936-1423 or email enterprise@inpriva.com.

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