Patient Event Notification

– Case Study –

Today, Audacious Inquiry (Ai) provides Conditions of Participation patient event notification compliance through Ai’s ENS® for hundreds of hospitals across the country serving more than 70 million patients.

Audacious and Inpriva have long partnered for delivery of ENS® notifications when Direct secure messaging was the interoperable transport of choice. So, shortly after the CMS patient access and interoperability final rule was released, Audacious reached out to Inpriva to explore options for using Direct to meet the new patient event notification requirements. With an eye to the uncertainty as to how technical requirements and customer expectations might evolve, a solution architecture was chosen that could be responsive to changing expectations and demands while still being very cost effective.

A  FHIR Messaging gateway was selected for submission of patient event notification content/metadata and Inpriva’s EMPOWER  workflow/service automation platform was chosen to handle content/metadata transformation, NPI-to-Direct Address resolution, Notification IG-compliance and delivery into the Accredited DirectTrust Network .

The architectural choices paid off right away when the DirectTrust Notification IG initiative was launched to promote interoperable patient event notifications. The flexibility of the FHIR Messaging gateway together with the low-code and service integration capabilities of the EMPOWER  platform allowed Audacious and Inpriva to rapidly develop and deploy the many changes necessary to meet the metadata, content and format required by the Notification IG for CMS-compliant Direct patient event notifications.  And CMS has made it clear this is only a first step to advance interoperability and patient access…

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